Now Let’s Think About This

Everyone Hears Voices

It’s called thinking for most people, although some individuals actually do hear voices. A person is literally having a conversation with themselves when they think because the discussion matter will directly influence whatever bubbles to the surface for the rest of the world to witness. I.e. if you keep telling yourself internally that you’re having an awful time, then you’re gonna have a bad time!

So this postulates the notion that one’s mindset will make or break their ability to function reasonably well within their universal parameters that organically unfold as they develop or simply survive. However one can also change the channel if they aren’t liking how the cookie crumbles around them. I.e. in order to transcend one’s suffering, they must clean up their mindset because limiting thoughts will limit success.

Healing is a process that binds divisive parts together in order to produce stability. So how does that work with cleaning up your thought patterns? Well that all depends on how closely one monitors their thoughts, and that relies solely on their ability to identify dysfunctional patters before they can even attempt to alter them.

It would behoove one to develop a relationship with their mind in order to produce a desirable life experience. This can be accomplished by nourishing one’s body (temple) in order to provide a stable environment for them to spend less time processing garbage so they can spend more time increasing their self-awareness.

Now how can this be accomplished? Well you can start by altering your routines, or interject new behaviors in your daily tasks if you don’t want to completely rock your world. Exercising, dieting, meditating, and so on will support one’s attempts to completely change their lanes on the highway of life. Balance and moderation will then lessen the likelihood you’ll end up spinning out into oncoming traffic. I.e. stab someone because the cheese fell off your cracker.

This in turn will help one find the peace of mind to develop a connection with the rest of the universe. Why? Because there is no separateness. For there is only one. However the collective majority of the human species is focused on the external as opposed to the internal – where true change emanates from as a star’s light pierces the veil of night.

Look inwards and love yourself in order to rise above the monotony of whatever holds you back from becoming the hero of your story. Thanks for reading, now excuse me while I talk to my(self).

Many blessings.

Hey there! My name is Aaron Carlisle and it’s great to meet ya. Most of my former life was mired in narcissistic abuse and toxicity, so my suffering inevitably pushed me to heal myself. Low and behold that’s why I’m bringing these words to you – I figure we can help each other move along because I’ve already done a lot of the footwork. Check out my books to read about the steps I’ve taken to rise above my suffering to a life of abundance and stability. Many blessings!



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