“I never met a veteran who fought for socialism!”

– bumper sticker on the back of some guy’s truck. (ya gotta love the Midwest)


Socialism. Just mentioning the word to your average American drone, I mean citizen *cough cough* makes em squirm in their boots as they falsely preach how privatization and governmental fuckery symbolize freedom from their Ivory towers. This is ‘Murica! I’m free to choose how to live my life without having to deal with neighbors who consistently and often times directly attempt to wrestle that choice away from me. Oh wait…it happens every waking second. The rabble rousers who spend most of their lives denouncing the manner in which others live include religious zealots who simply regurgitate the lukewarm diet their preacher force-feeds them from the pulpit, or anyone foolish enough to align their values with a particular political group. I.e. anyone who claims to know what is best in life is oftentimes polarized in how they view the world. This in turn causes them to butt heads with anyone who lives beyond what is considered to be normative to an entrenched turdling whose head is so far up its own pretentious asshole that it rarely witnesses the light of day. (light = illumination = understanding)

Take Conan the Barbarian for instance:

Conan! What is best in life?

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

See what I mean? The keyword was barbarian. Sounds fairly turdish to me!

It’s all fun and games until someone gets their weiner severed in the event that some other monkey decided to project its own personally hindering insecurities onto the victim so that it could temporarily feel better about the size, or rather lack there of its own family jewels. Now granted a barbarian like Ghengis Khan literally spread his seed all over the Eurasian continent, but he also left entire civilizations trembling in his wake since it would take thousands of years for some to recover. So Mr. Khan certainly wasn’t lacking when it came to pillaging, raping, terrorizing, conquering, and so forth – the guy was also a brilliant tactician and an effective leader. However he used his gifts to destroy others simply because he could.

So how preposterous is the notion that one nation of Demiurgeville should be expected to have more influence over the sovereignty of another? A political figure recently stated that the United States has every right and privilege to uproot the entrenched power structures of another nation (actually this has been happening for sometime since the US was conceived), although any group that has held power throughout history has inevitably broken its neighbors in order to gain resources, regional influence, power, etc. But obviously this only occurs in the name of spreading democracy, religion, territory, and so on and so forth, right? Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. War breaks and destroys because it is an entropic force – it has always and will always profoundly shake the psychological, emotional, and physical foundations of those who happen to directly or even indirectly come into contact with it. There is simply nothing romantic about having an axe sever flesh from bone, having hot oil being set aflame on living persons, or having an arrow rip through your eye socket as the tip glides through your brain tissue. I mean we should at least grab a coffee and get to know each other before it escalates to that!

Some will argue that the US is a moral figure in comparison to Russia when it comes down to who supports who in countries like Syria. The media machine constantly goes on and on about how devilish Bashar Al Assad is for being such a terrible dictator in the region, even though the country and its internal struggles have little to do with the average American citizen’s daily affairs. Yet the American people are supposed to support the downfall and replacement of Assad?

Why? Doesn’t the call for the removal of a greater chess piece seem reminiscent of Saddam’s removal by US forces within recent years? Groups like ISIS or ISIL (whatever they call themselves these days) don’t just fall out of the sky because no one in their right mind wants to go around beheading and maiming anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with them. Sane individuals practice the “let’s agree to disagree so we can move on so I don’t feel the need to sever your head before erecting it on a pike for all to see that I’m not only right, but I’m also bat shit crazy enough to show your head off as a trophy to the rest of my doubters who troll my contributions to Wikipedia.” (No I don’t have anything on Wikipedia, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night). Silliness aside, there are monsters among us – a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing who often times leads our species spiraling down the rabbit hole of toxicity.

Humanity needs to be educated about the terms psychopathy (antisocial personality disorder, ASPD) and narcissism (narcissistic personality disorder, NPD) since these forces are beyond what I would consider to be human. Why? These gutter-balls simply don’t give a shit about their fellow brothers and sisters they share space with on Mother Earth. I.e. these societal throwaways will literally fuck your bowling score up just to see you get emotionally upset to the point you’re either hospitalized or dead before the ambulance arrives as they gaze at their freshly dropped meat-bag. That is if you care at all about your bowling average. But more importantly did you notice two important details in that second-to-last sentence that starts with in essence?

First detail: Psychopaths and narcissists view everything and everyone in their universe as an extension of themselves that is to be manipulated and exploited for their personal gain. So the answer is yes in regards to your pondering whether or not these barbarians are both willing and able to break that which does not conform to their version of reality. I.e. send you to the hospital or in a body bag from having inflicted physical, psychological, emotional, or even spiritual harm on you and any other unfortunate individuals who have had the misfortune of being entwined with these abusive assholes.

Second detail: Psychopaths and narcissists simply don’t care about anyone or anything else since a predator often views everything else as potential competition or an obstruction to them manifesting that which they desire most, be it sex, drugs, money, power, influence, etc. After all it’s a dog-eat-dog world, isn’t it? A psychopath lacks the ability to empathize with anything or anyone beyond themselves. This ability to perform any action without feeling shame, guilt, or remorse is particularly dangerous when you pair it with sadism (aka when an individual gets pleasure from inflicting pain). Psychopaths feel even though their emotional experiences are more transient, so they rarely lock into a single emotional state – unless that emotional state is rage. On the other hand you have narcissists who can empathize but choose not to since doing so would cause them to look within themselves at their deeply rooted insecurities as opposed to projecting them onto others through the use of manipulative and cruel methods.

If you’re thinking to yourself “this guy is full of shiza,” then I would encourage you to develop a relationship with one of the above. Or even better – attempt to develop a relationship that supports healthy boundaries while empowering everyone to grow and diversify with an individual who is a psychopathic narcissist with a liking for sadism and attention. I’d offer words of encouragement for those of you brave or rather foolish enough to undertake such a challenge by saying many blessings and best of luck to ya! Me? Well I’ll be living my life and embracing the beauty that extends from this world and universe at large without having to constantly wonder whether or not someone is attempting to usurp my ability to objectively recognize the connection between my thoughts and actions (cognitive dissonance and dissociative disorders developed from constantly being gas-lit or shit on are not fun to experience).

However most people who hear the terms psychopath and narcissist imagine these images: a deranged killer or a person who stares at their reflection all day, every day. Well yes and no. Most psychopaths don’t go on killing sprees because that would mean risking jail-time. So it’s reasonable to say they dislike being contained and housed like a caged animal – most people would identify. After all, why hurt someone when you can manipulate them to hurt themselves? Some don’t even work their way up to the highest echelons of banking, political, or some other domineering position from which they can extend the most control over millions if not billions of lives. Why? Because some are satisfied with terrorizing their local communities or even focus their attention on the home and family itself. Interestingly some see themselves as utterly disconnected from the world around them because most people aren’t psychopaths and thus cannot identify with them, so as a result they tend to be hermits and stay out of sight. It’s a spectrum like any other disorder or disability even though a psychopath would more than likely view empathy as a hindrance.

For instance consider these two individuals: Martin Shkreli (alive) and Belle Gunness (thankfully dead). Both of these barbaric turdlings have displayed signs of psychopathy which is readily apparent in their actions. Shkreli was recently all over the media because he (more than likely the pharmaceutical board itself – making him to be the scapegoat) decided to substantially raise the price for a drug called Deraprim which treats individuals who are immuno-compromised. I.e. the body’s immune systems either attacks the body as opposed to protecting it, or the immune system is weakened to the point it cannot adequately protect the body from disease, infection, etc. So the populations Deraprim serves includes the young, elderly, cancer patients, AIDS patients, and more. How much did they raise the price? They raised it from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. Well surely the pharmaceutical industry has good reasons to justify their actions, right? According to the New York Times, Shkreli is on the record saying “this isn’t the greedy drug company trying to gouge patients, it is us trying to stay in busniness.” Sure, Shkreli. Whatever you say. This statement coming from a multi-million if not billion dollar industry that regularly profits from keeping people sick. From the 2+ side effects most drugs carry (typically harms the body) to the fact that a company would even consider raising the price on a product that has knowingly helped those in need just shows you where that industry’s intentions lie. I.e. it’s about making money and it has little to do with preserving or improving human life. This in and of itself is completely selfish and psychopathic – that is the notion that one would be willing to compromise the lives of people who are already suffering in a state of vulnerability in order to gain more power for the self. Not very pro-life if you ask me…

But now we come to Ms. Gunness. She was alive during the mid to late 1800’s and settled in the state of Indiana on some farm land where she killed between 25-40 individuals, which included some of her own kids. Wildly enough she would draw her victims (mostly men) by advertising her hand in marriage. That’s it? Well she also promised a farm and a beautiful life for her traveling suitors, as long as they wouldn’t tell anyone about their destination (oh and they had to bring their life savings). Sounds pretty sketchy to me, but she didn’t get to put 25+ people six feet under by twiddling her thumbs all day. In other words she was a crafty devil. Could you personally stomach killing one person, let alone up to 40? How about around 200? Renowned serial killer H. H. Holmes set that record by housing unsuspecting travelers in a hotel during the World Fair in 1893 by gassing victims in their sleep before sending their bodies to secret rooms where he would violate the corpses in a number of unspeakable ways. John Wayne Gacy? Ted Bundy? The psychopaths take the cake when it comes to murdering without remorse! If you’re interested in learning more about psychopaths or true crime in general, then I would strongly urge you to check out the podcast channel Sword and Scale because it’s an excellent show that covers such topics with the use of actual recordings and interviews. But let’s move on to our next predator, shall we?

The tale of Narcissus from Greek mythology depicts a young man stumbling upon his reflection in a body of water which in turn explains why most people think about the reflective bit. Although anyone who has consciously dealt with a narcissist understands that one must read between the lines in order to identify the unspoken associations. For instance if an individual is fixated on themselves, do you honestly think they’ll notice anything or anyone else around them? Forget about focusing on your own reflection because look at it this way – when you focus on anything, do you lose or gain a heightened awareness for the rest of your environment? The answer should be no because you’re not focusing if others things are grabbing your attention. The tale itself is archetypal in form which means that it’s uber generalized in order to fit a pattern. Ponder this next example for a second to see how it applies to a mythological tale passed down from ages ago.

A narcissistic mother says to her crying child – “sometimes I think life would have been easier if I never met your father.” Damn, let’s break that one down. The child is crying which indicates they’re in distress of some kind, and this in turn means a nurturing mother would reflexively comfort her child. However this narcissistic cunt turns around and shits on the child when the kid is already down by insinuating that her life would have turned out better if she never had a relationship with the sperm donor who helped produce that kid in the first place. Talk about only thinking about yourself… Oh that couldn’t happen and a mother or father would never say anything so demeaning to their offspring!

Well guess again because that story is something that literally happened to me, so all of you doubters can piss off. Just because someone brings a child into this world doesn’t mean they’ll support the child’s healthy growth and development. In fact sometimes the opposite is true and an individual entwined with a narcissist will be consistently and repeatedly put down in order to break their sense of self-worth and self-esteem to re-shape them into something desirable to the abuser. If you value your life, this will more than likely disturb or bother you – that is the notion there are people out there who look like you and me, although they go out of their way to inflict pain and suffering on the rest of the world. Thankfully they’re the numerical minority in terms of the what comprises humanity as a whole.

In fact the mainstream media, political machine, vampirical banking cartels, and other various toxic industries like big-pharma often project information into the psychosphere that causes the general public to make decisions based on emotions as opposed to logic and reason. Think of how often the media wants you to focus on certain ideas or concepts. But what do ya mean? They have LOT’s of opinions and experts (cough, cough) who talk endlessly about a wide variety of topics! Right, but what you see and hear is all you experience even though there’s an entire universe outside of your living room. Entertainment is great for kicking back and enjoying a little quality time with your personal interests. But why not actually go out and do it? Why take their word for it when you can learn by researching through first hand experience! The same goes for any relationship you have with anything in the universe at large.

They’ll have you focus on a number of things while they distract you from something that would vastly improve your experience here in this physical plane of existence. Do you know what it is? I’ll give you a hint – it’s one word. Just think about it for a second if you’re not sure. Take your time, there’s no rush. Here it is:


Your life encompasses your experience here while you are alive because no one walks a mile in your shoes as well as you do. They would have to have experienced your life from its inception to where it is now in order for them to truly understand where you’re coming from or what you’re trying to accomplish (empathy). However that e-word allows one to identify with another’s experience if it is similar to something they have experienced themselves. Hell, one doesn’t even have to experience disembowelment in order for them to understand how painful and cruel it would be to inflict that on another life-form. So then why should we as a species tolerate authority figures enabling conflicts between groups, or to have entire generations suffer extreme poverty in mind and body (education and supportive shelter/food/water sources). Why fight about health care? Do you want to be helped if you’re injured? Or would you prefer to possibly be in debt or left to suffer for the rest of your waking experience? I’m fairly positive everyone would want help…

What I’m trying to get at is the notion that human beings are capable of creating a life in which everyone benefits. Utopian dream? For now – but only because everyone in the world is busy arguing over whether or not their favorite sports team will crush their rivals. Or whether or not their politician of choice will hopefully fulfill what was promised, as well as how life should be treated in general. I’m pro-life! Well no shit, sherlock- you’re alive! Stop interjecting your personal offenses onto others in how they dictate their lives. After all dictating whether a woman should have a baby or not does not ensure the child will have a quality experience growing up so that it can develop into the best version of itself. I.e. it doesn’t mean that child will be accepted and loved in the world (environment) it is brought into, regardless of how it was brought there to begin with.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.
-Aleister Crowley

This stands true for any issues regarding sentience – aka living your life as long as it doesn’t interfere with another’s experience (don’t shit on anyone but also don’t let anyone shit on you). Life is rare in the solar system, and we have yet to openly establish relations with any people’s or civilizations beyond our own precious Mother Earth. We might even be alone in this universal sandbox of dualistic dysfunction! Regardless of what’s true or not, one thing is readily apparent: we humans share the same space with each other and a great host of unique and spectacular beings of creation that range in size from the smallest protozoa to the largest blue whale that resides in the largest bodies of water on the planet. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but that’s fucking amazing when you think about it! So all life (actually being pro-life) should be supported and encouraged to develop into the best version of itself. I.e. we share the same space, so let’s make the best of what we have to share.

Throw the label out if it bothers you too much. Isms like socialism, communism, fascism, capitalism, etc. only get in the way of furthering human development and our collective ability to ascend our personal hardships to create our own Heaven on Mother Earth. After all, the garden surrounds us. We just need to learn how to expect the best for each and every one of us. If parts suffer, then the whole will eventually rot away. Intentions and actions should be aligned in order to manifest that which is desired (goal). However the consequences and aftermath should also be scrutinized to ensure no harm is inflicted as a result. All for one and one for all. If you don’t want to be denigrated and treated like cannon-fodder then don’t invalidate the cries and tears of those who have endured tremendous suffering. Let’s work together to build a better now as opposed to reaching for a future that will never come. Let’s recognize how sacred the universe is in its entirety rather than limit our focus to arbitrary differences that only serve to further the agendas of a few in opposition to the collective whole.

Even barbarians like Ghengis Khan understood the principle that individuals may easily break while many may band together to ensure greater odds for survival and success. How did he show this? He took one arrow and bent it until it broke into separate pieces. The Khan then held a bundle of arrows and attempted to bend them until they broke, although the bundle never snapped but rather held firm. Who would have thought a barbarian would have understood that security and strength can be produced from unity. Although we don’t have to achieve unity by raiding, raping, and slaughtering each other here in the 21st Century. Now we can create the life we’ve always dreamed of by simply aspiring to live it. All for one and one for all. However we need to start valuing our lives and the lives of those around us because there are wolves among us who do not have our collective interests in mind. We must always be vigilant in regards to scrutinizing the actions (more so than the words) of anyone or anything that fills an authoritative role so the collective whole isn’t thrown under the bus in order to satiate the musings of bat-shit crazy people who would love to parade around with your head on a pike.

Peace and many blessings.

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