What a Wonderful World

Nature-conscious folks typically uphold the view that human beings are the cause for the planet’s suffering and dysfunction even though only a handful of them manage agencies who impact the environment more-so than the common individual or their family. Religious folks, Christian specifically, generally preach the notion that humanity spoiled the garden by turning their backs on their parental figure who apparently has the ability to eradicate all that opposes him while still choosing to let awfulness happen because he’s not contradictory at all. (By the way – Jesus died for our sins, which means all of humanity…aka sin hasn’t been around for quite some time! Humans no longer have to “miss the mark” when it comes to coexisting or even caring for life, so I’m not sure why so many religious folks are hell-bent on ensuring we keep ourselves collectively enslaved to the notion that our very existence is an abomination in the eyes of whatever deity or universal force you were raised to or actively sought to develop a relationship with)

However we must choose to free ourselves and decide to hold not only ourselves, but our brothers and sisters accountable for any actions taken which compromise the sanctity of life. Let me clarify those last three words – any individual or group must be brought to justice when they knowingly compromise life’s ability to thrive on Mother Earth. She’s so beautiful and precious to behold in a vast sea of darkness which is barely illuminated by speckles of piercing light. Remember – we can’t jump ship if something goes sour…

So how do ya suggest we free ourselves, mista? Glad you asked! Well for starters everyone should start by adopting the “to each their own” philosophy. Why? For people to GTFO of other’s lives and affairs, of course! Unless those affairs threaten another’s ability to enjoy their life – aka I’m looking at you predatory psychopaths and narcissists who knowingly cause harm because you have the ability to do just that without feeling like poo afterwards. Corporations, governments, religions, schools, parents, and anyone or anything that influences or enforces authority over others must be scrutinized in order to prevent them from violating the boundaries of those they claim to provide nourishment, security, comfort, guidance, companionship, or love.

Once you stop caring about whether or not Vinny and Larry will tie the knot after having fucked in ways you often fantasize about secretly but you aggressively project the need to prevent others from doing so in order for you to feel safe in your closet, you can start to work on yourself. Let people live their sin-free lives in the manner they choose that is best for them. Life can be tough as it is, so there is no need for anyone or anything to invariably crash another’s party simply because they have nothing else better to do with their time. Likewise it’s not particularly beneficial for companies to dump toxic waste and pollutants into the environment out of convenience to pinch pennies. It’s also not great for defense contractors to mass produce weapons as opposed to books, or for a narcissistic mother to ruthlessly condemn their own child’s existence instead of loving them unconditionally as a healthy mother instinctively should.

But alas Vinny and Larry have even had difficulty officially tying the knot in certain parts of the US even though the government decided to “allow” it. Corporations like factory farms willingly and knowingly mass produce livestock in abhorrent conditions and then slaughter them for the masses to chow down on, while most involved (consumer, product, environment) suffer in the exchange. Not to mention the fact that not every home offers a stable environment for children to receive adequate care and love so they can be functional more readily while growing up.

With all of that being said, humanity has a ways to go in regards to loving itself. An individual who practices self-love wouldn’t choose to be confined to solitary confinement as opposed to attending an all-expenses-paid trip to a spa. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have to explain those options to ya! However people need to open their mind to receiving that spa treatment in order for them to enjoy it at all, and the same goes for life in general. Open your mind and tune it to the rhythm that encourages everyone and everything to reach its fullest potential. Reach out, or rather within to that which supports your healthy growth and development and you’ll never thirst. Why? Because you are love, ya big dumb dumb! Love yourself and extend that same love to those around you.

Create Heaven on Earth – everyone and everything having equal access to enjoying this opportunity we all share to experience this thing we call life. Stop dividing yourselves and fracturing the parts so they fall into disarray.

Divided I’m withering away. – Tool

The world truly is a wonderful place to take up temporary residence, however it’s nothing worth experiencing if we don’t collectively work to clean her up. Let’s start with ourselves and go from there. We have the power to create a world filled with wonder and beauty because it’s already here. We just need to open our eyes to it.

So without further delay, Louie Armstrong!

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