The Garden

We never left the garden,

Though we mistakenly thought we did.

It supposedly began with serpentine lies.

An apple that would grant us knowledge beyond our wildest dreams.

For to eat from the Tree of Knowledge surely founded our current troubles,

At least that’s what they say.

I pray that reason will break through this madness which has swept us

Along the way.

Our path is clear as mud,

As we sift through the decay.

Of a garden that was lost

Because men stupidly turned away.

We choose to blind ourselves

From the beauty it offers to this day.

Reason I have mentioned before,


Madness is more befitting!

For men will lose their heads

In a vast sea of pain,

Lest we choose to see the obvious signs.

To finally recognize the beauty and wonder

Offered in this garden we thought we left.

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